Research conferences

Applications are now closed for 2015-2016 funding.

Research conference applications are in two stages. Expressions of Intent to hold a conference should reach the Academy by 30 July 2014. Criteria and how to apply can be found under each individual conference.

Expressions of Intent are short-listed by the selection committees in August and the organisers of short-listed proposals are asked to provide a detailed application by 20 September 2014. The final decision is announced in early December 2014.

All Expressions of Intent will be acknowledged. 

Alexander Boden

Boden Research Conferences

(biological sciences)

With the generous support of the late Dr Alex Boden FAA, the Academy conducts a series of small specialist conferences in the biological sciences to enable active research workers in rapidly advancing fields to discuss current advances and problems.

Frederick White

Elizabeth and Frederick White Research Conferences

(physical sciences)

With the generous support of the late Lady White, MBBS and the late Sir Frederick White, FAA, FRS, the Academy conducts a series of research conferences in the physical and mathematical sciences related to the solid Earth, the terrestrial oceans, the Earth's atmosphere, solar-terrestrial science, space sciences and astronomy.

Frank Fenner

Fenner Conferences on the Environment

The purpose of these conferences is to bring together those with relevant scientific, administrative and policy expertise to consider current environmental and conservation problems in Australia, thereby contributing to the formation of policies that can alleviate some of these problems.