Sun and skin – a dangerous combination


1. Protecting skin from the sun

2. Absorption of ultraviolet radiation by the atmosphere

Other activities

Activity pages for secondary students (SunSmart, Australia)
Provides a number of activities including:

  • SunSmart hidden message - students decode a message about skin cancer.
  • SunSmart UV alert activity - a worksheet on the UV radiation index.
  • UV postcard design - students design and plan to distribute a postcard

Science NetLinks (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
The behaviour and health connection - students explore how personal behaviour can affect health, especially the health of your skin.
Sun and skin - learn about the damaging effects of sunburns and tanning, and how sunscreens work to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Daily Lesson Plan (New York Times, USA)
That healthy glow? - students create posters related to tanning and skin cancer.

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (UK)
Skin structure and function - provides information and then asks a series of questions about skin structure and function.

United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
EXCITE Skin Cancer Module - contains a number of classroom modules on the topics of skin, skin cancer and epidemiology.

Cancer Council South Australia
School zone - a variety of teaching resources, suitable from early childhood learning to secondary school students.

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