Sun and skin – a dangerous combination

Useful Sites

How sunburns and suntans work (How Stuff Works, USA)

A good introduction to skin and how it is affected by the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

Bad news on skin cancer (The Why Files, USA)

In-depth explanation of the connection between sun and cancer: intro to UV, forms and photos of skin cancer and the ozone layer.

About skin cancer (The Cancer Council Australia)

Provides information about the types, causes and treatment of skin cancer.

National Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign (The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing)

Contains a range of information, fact sheets, stories and campaign materials to promote awareness and education regarding skin cancer.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Skin Cancer Tag
A listing of ABC articles about skin cancer.

Study shines new light on damaging UV rays (ABC News, 7 October 2011)
Reports on new findings that UV rays cause more damage, deeper within the skin, than previously thought.

UVA light may cause skin cancer too (News in Science, 24 March 2004)
Reports on research that has found rays of ultraviolet-A light may play a larger role in causing skin cancer than was previously realised.

Skin cancer (Health Matters)
This site contains links to a fact file about skin cancer, news and transcripts from ABC sources of articles concerned with skin cancer and links to non-ABC sites containing information about skin cancer.

Ultraviolet radiation: Global Solar UV Index (World Health Organization)

This fact sheet summarises the major health concerns associated with sun exposure.

Skin cancer (myDr, Australia)

Provides a range of information on skin cancer causes, treatment and prevention.

National UV index forecast (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)

Forecasts of the daily UV index of Australian cities are given.

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