Life on Mars?

Useful Sites

Phoenix Mars mission (The University of Arizona, USA)

Mars 101
Provides clear and detailed information on Mars, including its habitability.

Could life survive on Mars?
Discusses whether life similar to that in extreme environments on Earth could exist on Mars.

Water and life on Mars? (Denver Museum of Nature and Science, USA)

Looks at the connection between water and the existence of life, and discusses ways to look for evidence of water on Mars.

After 10 years, few believe life on Mars (USA Today, USA)

Evaluates the evidence of life from the meteorite ALH84001.

The NASA University of NSW Pilbara Education Project (Australia)

A multimedia resource that investigates early life on Earth with a focus on the Pilbara region.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Martian meteorite back in spotlight (News in Science, 1 December 2009)
New analysis of the Martian meteorite may support the previous existence of microbial life on Mars.

Martian volcano could shelter life (News in Science, 11 February 2009)
Suggests that water laden sediments near a large volcano on Mars could harbour life.

Mars toxin doesn't rule out life: NASA (Catalyst, 7 August 2008)
Explains that the finding of perchlorate on Mars doesn’t necessarily mean life couldn’t have existed there.

Life beyond Earth (The Lab, 25 September 2003)
Looks at definitions of life, and the origins of life on Earth. Also covers what scientists look for, when searching for life beyond Earth.

The Genesis Factor – 1 of 2 (The Science Show, 13 January 2001)
A discussion of the origins of life on Earth.

The Genesis Factor – 2 of 2 (The Science Show, 20 January 2001)
A discussion of the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.

How Mars works (How Stuff Works, USA)

Covers the major geologic features of Mars, its climate, how it was formed and the possibility of the existence of life.

On the question of the Mars meteorite (Lunar and Planetary Institute, USA)

An older article that answers basic questions about the meteorite from Mars (ALH84001) and reviews the evidence for Martian bacteria in the meteorite.

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