The mammal copiers – advances in cloning


Biotechnology Australia

Make a clone of your favourite dog – an interactive activity in which students work through the process of cloning a dog, making choices about an egg source and a surrogate mother.

Cloning an animal that is extinct – students work through the key steps in cloning a thylacine.

Should we clone extinct species? – students find out more about cloning extinct species, then present advantages and disadvantages.

Who or what would you clone? – students consider ethical, economic and social issues associated with cloning.

Bioscience for society (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK)

Dolly worksheet – a case study on the cloning of Dolly. Student support notes and teachers notes are available.

Access Excellence, USA

Vegetative propagation project

Unravelling the code of life – a historical perspective of the genetic revolution

Genetic Science Learning Center (University of Utah, USA)

Cloning – a number of activities can be accessed from this page. For example, 'Click and clone' is an interactive cloning simulation that enables students to go through the steps required to clone a mouse.

New York Times Learning Network (USA)

Replicating controversy – students explore the human cloning debate.

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Propagation from cuttings

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