Calculating the threat of tsunami

Useful Sites

Savage Earth (Public Broadcasting Service, USA)

Uses animated diagrams to explain how tsunamis occur.

How tsunamis work (How Stuff Works)

Current information on how tsunamis are created, monitoring tsunamis, early warning systems and footage of the 26 December tsunami off the coast of Indonesia.

Tsunamis (Geoscience Australia)

An overview of tsunamis including how they occur and how tsunami warnings are issued.

Welcome to Tsunami! (Department of Geophysics, University of Washington, USA)

A comprehensive site for the non-specialist.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

More detailed tsunami warnings on the way (News in Science, 4 April 2007)
Looks at the need for a more detailed tsunami warning system.

Sri Lanka tsunami and coral poaching (The Science Show, 31 March 2007)
Suggests that the behaviour of the Indian Ocean tsunami was influenced by coral poaching in some coastal areas.

UK navy shows seabed ruptured by tsunami quake (ABC online, 10 February 2005)
British scientists have revealed the first pictures of the undersea site of the huge earthquake that caused the Asian tsunami as part of efforts to find out exactly what happened.

Introduction to tsunami (University of Wollongong, Australia)

Discusses the occurrences of tsunamis in Australia in historic and prehistoric times.

Tsunami leaflet (Helmholtz Centre Potsdam, Germany)

Provides simple information on tsunamis, their causes and preventative action for those living in tsunami risk areas.

Tsunami from asteroid/comet impacts (Australian Spaceguard Survey)

Includes mathematical methods of estimating the risk to coastal regions from tsunami generated by asteroid/comet impacts.

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