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bond. See What are bonds? (The Bond Market Association) and Bonds – Basics (The Investment FAQ, USA).

derivatives. See Derivatives – Basics (The Investment FAQ, USA) and A Nobel formula (The Mathematical Association of America).

dividend. A sum of money paid to shareholders by a company as a reward for investing. It comes out of the company’s net profit.

Dow Jones Industrial Average. See What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average? (How Stuff Works, USA) and Stocks – The Dow Jones Industrial Average (The Investment FAQ, USA).

futures. See Derivatives – Futures (The Investment FAQ, USA).

moving averages. See Moving averages (Chart School,, USA).

on balance volume. See On Balance Volume (OBV) (Chart School,, USA)

options. See Derivatives – Stock Option Basics (The Investment FAQ, USA) and Options 101 (Orion Futures Group, USA).

PE ratio. See Analysis – Price-Earnings (P/E) ratio (The Investment FAQ, USA).

stochastic oscillator. See The stochastic oscillator (The Traders' Magazine, USA).

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