Calendars – keeping track of time


1. Calculating the day of the week

Other activities

The Helix
Make your own sun clock (No. 38, 1994, page 25)

Montana State University (USA)
Sunshine in your pocket! Making a sundial for the southern hemisphere
Solar rotation – introduces the concept of planetary rotation and how it can be measured as well as how to determine the rotation rate of the sun.

Sundials on the Internet (British Sundial Society and North American Sundial Society)
Four simple sundial projects for you to make

Astronomical Society of the Pacific
A primer on archaeoastronomy – information and activities about archaeological sites. Students investigate the relationship between celestial objects and the position of stones, columns or architectural features at archaeological sites.
Cosmic calendar: Do the math – students scale the evolution of the universe to a one-year calendar.

Discovery Channel School (USA)
Understanding: Time – activities related to the measurement of time, particularly 'Measuring time with the stars'.

Education World (American Fidelity Assurance Company, USA)
Happy New Year! Or is it? – ideas for discussion starters about the concept of calendars and timekeeping.

Department of Mathematics (Rice University, USA)
Algebra – fun with calendars – a mathematical puzzle using a calendar.

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Posted November 1999.