Hunting for dark energy with the WiggleZ

Useful sites

Dark energy (HubbleSite, USA)

A clear and engaging website discussing dark energy and its discovery.

Dark energy (Universe Forum, Harvard Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, USA)

Provides clear information on evidence for and ideas about the nature of dark energy.

Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey
Provides brief information on the researchers involved and the science behind the WiggleZ survey to detect the effects of dark energy.

The WiggleZ of the universe
A ten minute podcast describing the WiggleZ survey to measure dark energy.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australian scientists measure dark energy wiggles (The World Today, 8 May 2009)
Describes efforts to understand dark energy through the WiggleZ program.

The hunt for dark energy (In Depth, 2 April 2009)
Clearly explains the WiggleZ project to measure dark energy.

Inflation model for the universe (The Science Show, 7 March 2009)
Transcript of an interview discussing inflation of the universe and dark energy.

Dark energy pushing universe apart (News in Science, 17 December 2008)
Describes X-ray measurements of galaxy clusters confirming that dark energy has slowed down their growth.

Dark energy a furphy, says new paper (Catalyst, 21 December 2007)
Provides an alternative explanation to dark energy for the perceived acceleration of the universe.

Dark energy (Catalyst, 13 April 2006)
Transcript of a story on dark energy, including discussions with Australian researchers using supernovae to measure the effect of dark energy.

The High-Z SN search (Australian National University)

Explains the important High-Z Supernova Search, led by Australian astronomer Brian Schmidt, which discovered dark energy in 1998. By using supernovae to measure the expansion of the universe, Schmidt’s team discovered it was accelerating.

The cosmic yardstick — Sloan Digital Sky Survey astronomers measure role of dark matter, dark energy and gravity in the distribution of galaxies (Sloan Digital Sky Survey, USA)

Describes a survey that measured the effect of sound waves from the early universe on galaxy distribution, providing information on the properties of dark energy.

The universe from beginning to end (Australian Academy of Science)

Transcript of a lecture by Professor Brian Schmidt in which he discusses the accelerating expansion of the universe and evidence for dark energy.

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Posted June 2009, edited September 2012.